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Had to post on this as its extremely amusing, one of the key parts of argumentation by the Slymepit and its various anti-FTB support team members is the argument in bad faith. So enamoured with this and so used to using it PitchGuest was totally brazen about it in a recent comment… He also made it clear that the Slymepit as a whole engages in this behaviour and he obviously sees nothing wrong with it. At this point I’d suggest you have a look at the article I link to above if you are not familiar with this type of argumentation and how it is an intellectually dishonest tactic.

There was a discussion about women getting rape threats and as usual PitchGuest is there to condescend and belittle any woman’s experience of threats online, they are all *just* trolling comments and nothing to be worried about. Why are you ladiez so hysterical, PitchGuest laughs in the face of rape threats don’cha know! So I comment calling into question PitchGuests claim to have received rape threats himself (*rolls eyes*) ->  Comment here

oolon: Well PitchGuest and pals consider some commenters at Pharyngula saying “go fuck yourself with a dead porcupine” to be a “rape” threat… Seriously. They’ve said as much many times. So don’t take his claims of receiving them too seriously.
EDIT: In fact I can link to their shameful list of “rape” threats with their debunking.

Bear in mind that I know full well PitchGuest and pals are lying through their teeth when they say this is the case and I’m looking for a reaction from PitchGuest to expose this hypocrisy. In fact I had this lovely comment from PitchGuests pal at the Slymepit, SkepSheik, in mind -> Comment here

Skepsheik: I do condemn bad behavior. As a quick example apart from the pharyngula imagery above, I condemn a lot of the stuff that AVFM do. As for people making threats of rape and other violence shouldn’t we all condemn it?

This was in response to his list of “rape threats” supposedly issued by Pharyngulites and “condemned” by the moral upstanding Slymepitters. (See the link to Aratina’s debunking to see how quote mined they are and how much they fit the description of “rape threat”) Even the couple not quote mined the threat is obviously absurdist humour and not meant seriously in any sense. However the comment policy for Pharyngula for nearly a year has prohibited even surrealist/absurd expressions of violence given they could be misinterpreted. So when “Skepsheik” “condemns” these examples he means no such thing, he is employing our bad faith argument. I know this, he knows this but the Slymepit and its “master debaters” like “Skepsheik” want to establish a false equivalence between their own terrible behaviour and some bad jokey “threats” from years ago on Pharyngula. To achieve this they need to lie and pretend they actually give two fucks about violent language.

Now over to our friend PitchGuest to well and truly let the cat out of the bag -> Comment here

Pitchguest: There’s the problem with your comprehension, oolon. You’ve always been a bit thick. We don’t care about dead porcupines or people telling us to fuck ourselves with them. We care about hypocrisy. I wouldn’t consider it a rape threat because I wouldn’t care. However, the Pharyngulites obviously do care and yet they were the ones who uttered the words, not us.

So when they tell us to go fuck ourselves with a dead porcupine, that’s a rape threat *by their own standards.* Which makes them *hypocrites.*

So, no, not seriously. You’re just too dumb to realise.

Ahhh the beautiful irony of it all, I was very gracious given he had just described himself and all his friends at the pit as trolls who argue in bad faith. My reply to complete the circle -> Comment here

ool0n: Haha, cheers PitchG you just explained in clear english for everyone to see that you don’t argue against your opponent’s position but a strawman “understanding” of your own making. It should even have been clear to you that those terms are not rape threats by “their standards”, cos they clearly wouldn’t issue them! You also argue in bad faith as there is reams of evidence of you and assorted Slymers appearing to care very much about being told to fuck off with a dead porcupine. You do realise you just admitted to bad faith argumentation? Otherwise known as trolling? You also implicated the whole Slymepit in that… “We don’t care about dead porcupines or people telling us to fuck ourselves with them”

I won’t say anything about your intelligence, but you really should have thought before posting that comment.

Now onto the rape threats you have experienced, given its your experience then citations will be no problem at all. Over to you genius.

Sometimes I just have to admit Dan Fincke is right, insulting PitchGuest is fun but its nowhere near as much fun as when he puts his size nines in the poo quite as epically as this!  Cheers PitchGuest I’ll be using this as proof of anti-FTB/Slymepit bad faith argumentation for some time. I’m sure Skepsheik appreciates you undermining his list of “rape threats” almost as thoroughly as Aratina.


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  1. I do appreciate it muchly. :D

    Pitchguest is on my blog right now trying to rig up a false equivalence between us handing trolls a pincushion to go sit on on their way out the door to Victor fantasizing about committing an act of violence against Benson. “They’re the same!” 1) They’re not the same and 2) he doesn’t even really believe that either are in any way harmful. I see him on Fincke’s blog doing the hyperskepticism gambit, too. You’ll have to push his face right up next to the words before he’ll believe they exist (if then even!). Oh, but a dictionary, now there’s something he’ll buy into. Bad faith to the core.

  2. get a life privileged transphobes

  3. transphobes? Obviously Becky is notorious, and I’m guessing a bit deranged. But couldn’t these strange slyme types at least focus in on topics at hand with their invented accusations? Keywords might help.

    • I commented on Becky’s blog, apparently she didn’t mean me, just some Pharyngula commenters who remain unnamed. I didn’t push it any further ;-)

  4. Thanks for the link above Oolon, I am interested to see the various threats now being documented. It is very helpful that Arantina has catalogued them by number. Most appear to have been posted on Pharungula when it was hosted by ScienceBlogs, and have since been redacted. Only one appears to be still visible to an unwary viewer.

    Do you have by chance a link to a list of Slymepitter’ threats identified on the Michael Nugent blog? I’d like to do a comparison of one side versus the other, but I don’t have the source material yet.

    • Sorry somehow got no notification of your comment so slow to approve. I don’t have links to Nugents examples but I’m sure Google _text_ will work for you. As for “threats” neither sides examples are for the most part threats, hyperbole yes, rarely a real threat. Even Mykeru “threatening” to hunt me down and ice pick me in the base of the skull cannot be considered a real threat given he is not capable of following through. You do realise that?

      Nugents examples are mainly examples of nasty degradation, homophobia, sexism etc…

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