May 202013

Have to post about the effect of @aratina’s great GreaseMonkey / TamperMonkey script for Twitter…. This reads in a list of the blocked users from and removes them from your timeline. I still think everyone should sign up to Level1 of the block bot given that blocks the stalkers, harassers and fakers on Twitter…. But you can now experience the block bot without having to block anyone. ALSO you can browse #WISCFI, #FTBULLIES, etc…. any of the hashes without having to wade through misogynistic, paranoid, conspiracy led drivel. In fact I found what I thought was a god-bot lurking on #FTBullies and proceeded to be very unpleasant and condescending to her. Serves me right as she turned out to be very reasonable and we actually agreed on secular morality! I’m not used to having reasonable conversations with people on #FTBullies so that was my excuse for being an asshole. (N.B. This does over-ride your followers, no easy way around that. So if you are following someone on the list they will disappear! But why would you follow them?)

I’m concluding this will really improve the level of dialogue and debate as those reasonable voices with something interesting to say have been drowned out by the loud mouthed assholes.  So onto the before and after images :-D >>


image showing slyme removed by script
What happened to the Vac? Now you can actually see what people interested in the conference more than their own self promotion think!


image showing slyme removed by script
Amazing! People actually have interesting things to say on FTBULLIES, who’da thunk it… BTW there will be an option to put in custom blocks so if some pesky oolon is hogging the hash you can sweep them away too!

** Making sure you are paying attention! Definitely not a photoshop mistake…


image showing slyme removed by script

From transphobe, 911 truther and ironically named pundit to actual atheismplus people with useful information about activism not their own petty hate for other people. (OK one dipshit, but guess who is about to be added to the block bot!)

So in short…



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